Mouvement Social is a citizens’ platform, enabling people to learn together, enhancing their chances to participate, connect with each other and collaboratively change their realities to reach more justice. Since 1960, our engagement is towards reaching real social change, proud of our role in transforming “charity” into an informed, grassroots and sustainable development work.

Mouvement Social's pounding heart are the Volunteers. They are the seeds that we sow in society; we empower them to face life’s challenges, to become active citizens and support the less fortunate.

In parallel, we closely focus on socially challenged children, youth, women & their families. We nurture their awareness and improve their self-autonomy through socio-economic educational and empowerment platforms that are tailored to their changing needs.

We extend our hand to all active professionals and institutions in Lebanon, with the purpose of providing comprehensive services, increasing the self-determination of those in need.

On The Ground

“After working on Wousoul initiative that aimed to highlight the right of access for people with disabilities, I became more aware of inclusion in my everyday work as a graphic designer. Even when I’m simply crossing a street or entering a building, accessibility ideas always come to my mind.”

Aya A.

“I would have left my home for good, if Mouvement Social had not intervened with my mother and convinced her not to force me into marriage. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you... I feel safe around you, in the center.”

Bouchra A.M.

“Thanks to your guidance, now we sit together as a family every week, we discuss all issues with our children, allowing them to express themselves and also allowing us to set our roles and responsibilities as parents.”

Hiyam Z.

“Despite all the difficulties and sorrow in our lives, we were able to regain our dignity. The team at Mouvement Social did not perceive us only through the crimes we committed … they saw our suffering, as individuals trying to stand back on our feet and build a hopeful future.”

H.T & B.J

“Being part of the committee has changed my life... I am now more sociable, I know how to communicate with people around me, I am even able to communicate better with my kids. I am also aware that I have a role in serving my community.”

Ikbal R.

“You did not just build my capacities and skills as an aid nurse; you mainly made me feel alive again.”

Mona J.

“With every new session, we get more and more proud of you.”

Hasan S.

“Mouvement Social made me love life again; your determination brought my courage back.”

Osama O.

“I ask Santa to have you as a gift…”

Ritaje N.

“You gave me the psychological support and hope that I needed; I feel that I’m a new person now.”

Yasser E.M.

Our Centers

The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon