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Funded by "UNICEF" and in partnership with "Tdh-Lausanne", the project “Improving child pr...

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The "AMANI – DFAT" project, funded by Australian Aid, aims to provide crucial support to a...

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“Mitigating protection risks and addressing basic needs of vulnerable refugees, Lebanese a...

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Funded by the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Opera...

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This project supports locally-led humanitarian action, engaging children and youth in Beir...

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Success Story

Bouchra, a 16-year-old Syrian girl from Hamah, suffered from the tragic effects of war. Upon her arrival to Lebanon, she entered the worst period of her life, as she discovered that her mother was having an affair and the latter started to abuse her, threatening to kill her for fear of revealing her misconduct.

The girl ended up with a troubled health, traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. She tried to kill herself twice.

Following our intervention, she started accepting again to interact with others, to seek help for re-shaping her future. She regained her determination to live and to be productive. She is now learning to read and write and is on our center’s list for a hairdressing vocational training.

“I am very happy that I met someone with whom I can talk and share my concerns, after I got over a dreadful period where I stopped trusting anyone after the dearest person to my heart, my mother, let me down...”
The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon