Roumieh Prison

Roumieh, Matn District.

Phone: +961 1 878 302 - +961 70 299 617



Mouvement Social’s work alongside the juveniles in Roumieh prison started in 1993. Their situation was so unthinkable that they even shared rooms with adults; putting all the work and pressure on authorities to separate young convicts from adult felons was then our first task at the Prison.
In parallel, we partnered with other active entities, proposing rehabilitation programs for those youngsters, offering them a second chance for a future reintegration in society.
At the end of 2005, practical work began on the reintegration project within three core governorates in Lebanon (Beirut, North and Bekaa) through our centers in Ghobeiry, Tripoli and Zahleh.

Head of Center: Nada Abbani.

The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon