Ras Baalbeck

Ras Baalback, main street, Nasrallah center.

Phone: +961 70 382 758


Email: c.fekha@mouvementsocial.org

One of our newest locations, this center was founded in 2019, adding to our presence in the region through our dispensaries in Ras Baalbeck and Jdeidet El Fekha.

In a region characterized by deprivation and a very low standard of living, along with a wide spread of Syrian displaced families, the new center serves a wide array of villages starting from Hermel, passing by Ras Baalbek and Al-Fakiha, all the way to Labwe - Bazzalia and Mokrak.

Jdeidet El Fekha center focuses on empowering vulnerable women and youth through socio-economic projects in addition to education and child protection programs.

Head of Center: Michel Mhanna.

The first Social Enterprise in Lebanon